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Hope to united the 1D Adult Fans around the world #NotTooOldFor1D


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  • @ShellvpSmith Probably, too bad it's their loss, they're missing out on some great music
    ca. 5 timer siden

  • most ppl is often surprised & genuinely like the music, others like it until i tell them who it is, then they suddenly hate it, wonder why?🙃
    ca. 5 timer siden

  • I usually just puts on the guys music without saying who it is & then people often want to know who it is cause they kinda like their music
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • I'm so happy that people finally realize how amazing our boys really are https://t.co/xVglnaBg6d
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • @Lyric_Mathis It's from the documentary 'One Direction - A Year in The Making' https://t.co/ZXVBoZy4nY
    ca. 6 timer siden

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