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I piss excellence and fart success. For booking:

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  • What kills me is the same dudes that think women have to watch what they wear be the same ones mad at the club cuz of a dress code
    ca. 3 timer siden

  • If you think that a woman wearing less clothing "has it coming" then you are sick as fuck
    ca. 3 timer siden

  • We live in a society that wants women to be sexy but only at the approval of a man & if its not then that woman is a slut
    ca. 3 timer siden

  • We live in a culture where men want to control womens bodies & yes telling them what to wear to avoid rape is part of that
    ca. 3 timer siden

  • Men fail to realize that no matter what women do they still can and have been raped. Its not about what they wear its about the culture
    ca. 3 timer siden

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