Cowsep (Cowsep)

Følgere: 80466 Streamer that wears a cow hat. I live in South Korea. I also play League of Legends. Business inquiries

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  • Cowsep oprettede sig på Twitter d. 07. April 2014
  • Tweeter fra Republic of Korea
  • følger 1045 personer
  • Har skrevet 8489 tweets
  • 80466 følger Cowsep.

Seneste Tweets fra Cowsep

  • @MardukGX do the non yi players look like theyre having fun?
    ca. 4 timer siden

  • just watching akali stealth and zhonyas in worlds pisses me off. What a dumb champion and item.
    ca. 4 timer siden

  • @_ThisOneGuy they made it for me lol
    ca. 9 timer siden

  • if i stream with a blurry tv as a monitor will the viewers see the blurry text too or is that a tv only thing? im f…
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @itswoori hi
    14. October 2018 - 06:07

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