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  • @Teek37 @mudron Yes! That too! Cause he studied it so closely and made a sound argument. Which I think is why Aubre… https://t.co/VR2kZDmPxj
    15. November 2018 - 02:13

  • @Teek37 @mudron And russel Crowe’s delivery of that line was amazing. Barely holding it together. It’s amazing.
    15. November 2018 - 01:56

  • @AlannaBennett That movie had the best “but I love dogs” in any movie, ever. That Japanese dog movie included.
    14. November 2018 - 23:38

  • @_ElizabethMay @RicMTheGM Wow, what a monocultural nincompoop, he is.
    14. November 2018 - 12:23

  • @NickSkardarasy I’m disappointed now that I won’t see it. Imagine the shot of the scrimmage line, and the fancy uniforms they’d were.
    13. November 2018 - 17:49

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