Jacob "Pimp" Winneche (Pimp_CSGO)

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📺 Broadcast Talent 🤓 Professional CSGO Player 💪 130 to 75kg (287lbs to 165) 📬 JacobWinneche@gmail.com 🇩🇰 Aalborg, DK


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  • If someone makes you cry over and over again, tell them to cut their onions somewhere else.
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  • Basically I would love to be able to stream, talk and create content during the minor/major when the broadcast is n… https://t.co/dDyxIpHvTk
    ca. 15 timer siden

  • @ROGNordic heya! Can I slide a DM in? 🙌
    ca. 15 timer siden

  • A laptop that can handle CSGO while streaming well, 120hz+ monitor, which brand is best to look at? @ROGNordic… https://t.co/h1rOJVB2mQ
    ca. 20 timer siden

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