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Eva Roze🌸 20 yrs old🌼 Artist🌹 Rick and Morty is 👌🏻buisness mail: evarozee@hotmail.com🌹 -Please do not repost, trace, edit and use my art w/o my permission


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  • *were *to draw just as fast* Lmao i was really dang dumb sometimes.
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • Ya know when I was a kid i didn't know that those speedpaints where speeded up so I was like "wow, they draw so fa… https://t.co/pXSMNomBXL
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • I have always admired careless people (to a certain degree) Like, they don't give a damn. They can skip class witho… https://t.co/AgSVVxEGW1
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • @Viiperfish This is so wholesome😭💕 I am DEAD😭😭
    ca. 16 timer siden

  • Heyo~ if you drew somehting for me and then deletes it beacuse you think i might dislike it or something like that… https://t.co/HBPAkXaJl3
    ca. 18 timer siden

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