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Eva Roze🌸 20 yrs old🌼 Artist🌹🌸💕 -Please do not repost, trace, edit and use my art w/o my permission


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  • 27737 følger 💖🌹EVA💕🌸.

Seneste Tweets fra SheepEva11

  • @AWDtwit Who the hecky is luka?? She can have cuddle times with me~💕😭
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • Tiny rick was great. But a even smaller rick would be so cute! Like imagine a morty with a small 10 years old littl… https://t.co/dk9EL6GLea
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • @AWDtwit Damn, son. What a babe!😍
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • @BuxbiArts Yeah! I literally jusr want to leave the room when someone does it😭
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • No offense but people who can't close their mouth and makes wierd sounds while they chew is literally diggity damn… https://t.co/ITyaQonP4T
    ca. 6 timer siden

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