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  • @serhatemre112 On our deathmatch servers it is currently almost like this... Not cheating, not smurfing f2p-player… https://t.co/BxFMQKdiS6
    ca. 12 timer siden

  • Sorry F2P players currently you are not allowed to join our servers. A new plugin preventing abuse of the F2P sys… https://t.co/Hlq8AR2YD9
    ca. 13 timer siden

  • @Alotofsauce @texerino We upgrade VIP to PRO for some players (f.e. Rank S or FPL players).
    ca. 14 timer siden

  • @texerino Have you played one of the last three Majors? or Have you already ordered VIP?
    ca. 16 timer siden

  • @vipercsgob Was it full today?
    ca. 16 timer siden

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