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“I reject your reality and substitute my own!” {Smart Man, Discovery Networks} Also: Living with ASD sucks!


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  • @godless_mom 😏 Burn!! Mr. Farley. You might want to work on your conversation skills a bit. A basic level of courtesy would be nice! 😁
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • @Techmoan Hi there! You posted something for us on Patreon 45min. ago. But you forgot to link the “down-payment!”… https://t.co/dRaogDpSe2
    ca. 17 timer siden

  • @Aron_Ra Getting their panties in a twist?? Why am I not surprised... ‘DAMN YOU’ Aron! It’s not nice to force peo… https://t.co/2E4xSKbSeZ
    ca. 22 timer siden

  • @Techmoan 😮 Why? What on earth were Sanyo thinking?
    20. July 2018 - 15:42

  • @PattyCurtis11 INCOMING!! 🤗 ☕️ (sorry, I don’t smoke) 🍩 It WILL pass!
    19. July 2018 - 14:52

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