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  • I love a short working day 🙌🏻 1 hour left and counting
    ca. 14 timer siden

  • I really badly want the OnePlus 6T as a second phone. It’s half the prize, and looks amazing and I really miss havi… https://t.co/3gyNkD1NW3
    09. December 2018 - 21:53

  • Some people are really cheap and disgusting trying to bid 600 bucks for my iPad Pro 10.5-inch with the keyboard and… https://t.co/x0x6mHoUZU
    09. December 2018 - 19:42

  • I finally got all my storage transferred from my old iPad to my Mac/new iPad. Now I’m just waiting for someone to b… https://t.co/T9QCMpS2at
    09. December 2018 - 18:23

  • If Lady Gaga wins an Oscar I’m going to vomit. Her “acting” is like listening to her speeches in concerts. She’s so… https://t.co/Xt5bZkWEca
    07. December 2018 - 12:45

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