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Daniel M. Nielsen (MeierTheRed)

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This is my profile, there are many like it but this one is mine.


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  • The Night Before Metal Gear https://t.co/T6wye5EvUM via @YouTube
    ca. 15 timer siden

  • Oh my lord AC Odyssey is a slog. And Christ almighty the dialogue is terrible, and im playing as the supposedly "best" character of the two.
    ca. 15 timer siden

  • Well this is something https://t.co/Ag3NgeadNk
    17. December 2018 - 07:02

  • Bummed to hear about survial and crafting aspects in Below. Thats a pass for me.
    14. December 2018 - 23:24

  • No RGB. blocked. https://t.co/4is8aXYN8W
    11. December 2018 - 10:42

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