Gracie Rae Good Girl

Gracie Rae Good Girl (Gracie05272013)

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Proud member of the BT Posse. I loves to bark, mainly at squirrels. Ma Mama Lee Love Tar Heels Basketball

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Seneste Tweets fra Gracie05272013

  • @cjrj49 Oh, the weather outside is frightful...(82°/ 28c)!
    ca. 5 timer siden

  • Helping the ukulele group in rehearsal for Christmas concerts...
    ca. 9 timer siden

  • @MacBark Well, you do have some fabulous fur! Surprised any mechanical device could cope!
    ca. 9 timer siden

  • @Maggie_the_BT Looks like you could touch the sky! Gorgeous!
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @claptonterrier Hi Brundle! Welcome to the #BTPosse! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures.
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @bt_pepper So sorry for you and all humans who knew her. 💔
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @FloraGangsta It is good Flora! Tomorrow stitches out!
    ca. 20 timer siden

  • @WOtterface At least it's not your red one!
    ca. 23 timer siden

  • @ThomasATerrier @Topa_the_BT I feel your pain, pal!
    ca. 23 timer siden

  • @PebbleBT 😪 Never forget.
    ca. 23 timer siden

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