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Sam | they/them | tired queer writer & stick figure enthusiast | namjooning

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  • Hahaha I somehow fucked up my knee while watching the movie? Kneecap is rolling all over the place and it's hard to walk 🙃
    2 minutter siden

  • ICYMI I am a gigantic LOTR nerd
    20 minutter siden

  • Guh. Anyways, tomorrow is for The Two Towers! I have writing church in the morning
    21 minutter siden

  • @NateCrowder He grew on me over time! Certainly stands as one of my very favorite fictional characters.
    32 minutter siden

  • Also pretty certain Viggo batted away the knife Lurtz threw at him on a WHIM. With his SWORD. He wasn't expected to…
    34 minutter siden

  • LOTR is fucking art. There's no other way to describe these films. Like, I could spend an entire day talking solely…
    37 minutter siden

  • Frodo's parents died drowning :((
    46 minutter siden

  • "I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise! 'Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee', and I don't intend to." That's it, that's the one.
    46 minutter siden

  • "I would've followed you. My brother. My captain. My King."
    50 minutter siden

  • Boromir's last stand...I think the very first fanfiction I wrote was about that scene, several handwritten pages of it. It's truly beautiful
    51 minutter siden

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