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Democracy stan. Dirtbag Leftist. DSA. Abolish the Electoral College. End Citizens United. M4A. GND. Not very fond of oligarchy. #NotMeUs🌹

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  • It's simple: If a politician accepts corporate donations, those corporate donors control their actions. There are…
    ca. 12 timer siden

  • It's so difficult to resist saying cruel things to people who are cruel to you while insisting they possess the moral high ground.
    ca. 12 timer siden

  • @yogthulu Well, he won't actually be "in charge" per se. Dem donors will be.
    ca. 12 timer siden

  • It's been three years since climatologists told us we have only 12 years to make major changes before we irreparabl…
    ca. 12 timer siden

  • Iran is not planning a "sneak attack" on American troops and resources. Trump is just, as usual, trying to manufac…
    ca. 12 timer siden

  • @toddjersey neos
    ca. 13 timer siden

  • Serious question: How braindead do you have to be to praise Greta Thunberg while you simultaneously oppose the Green New Deal?
    ca. 13 timer siden

  • BREAKING: I have made a Tik Tok. UPDATE: I'm embarrassed to share my username.
    ca. 13 timer siden

  • @KelsblkZ06 @VictoriaLBruce @jaytay777 And you are just so pleasant let me tell ya
    ca. 13 timer siden

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