Ebony( 英語レッスンの魔女)

Ebony( 英語レッスンの魔女) (anitapam22)

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Straight outta Compton hoodbat. Gothicc LGBT+ ,Biracial, Feminist , single mom. True crime , Visual Kei, Korn, and horror 🖤. I make clothes and stuff. she/her

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  • I’m not going to downplay people’s pain. I’m not going to overlook transgressions either. Lots of the people we lov… https://t.co/Niqipr2Rov
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  • @lennyinjapan I’m glad you got closure. I think it’s ok to forgive and then move forward. An apology can heal woun… https://t.co/IweXMOuWfg
    ca. 1 time siden

  • Dream-An OnlyFans just for my chinning photos. https://t.co/sVv7H46ZDS
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  • I love being black. Like truly deeply in my soul. I can’t even watch this without getting emotional. I just love bl… https://t.co/gieN5b2WMQ
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  • @RaraSensei Idk I lust after a lot of short men, I literally don’t care about height at all
    ca. 11 timer siden

  • I’m trying different stuff with my makeup. https://t.co/WeSKEZwF0H
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  • @RaraSensei Those 2 at least you can’t quantify. Where are all these 5’11 dudes hiding? I damn sure don’t see them walking around Tokyo
    ca. 11 timer siden

  • If Tinder is to be believed 3/4ths of the Japanese male population is a 180cm. I have questions.
    ca. 11 timer siden

  • @hellyeahmyguy Haaaa Dezert has a song that roughly translates to touching your uterus and it’s amazing
    ca. 13 timer siden

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