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Miss Bunny Mickley (bunnyhalberd)

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Good hopper. Very proud kidfur. Loves all things purple. Snowy’s kiddo. Believer of magic. Encourager of all animals to be themselves. 💜 (she/her)


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  • Ugh, @airmailer, I depend on your email client for my business. Airmail 4 feels like an unpolished beta. How do I g… https://t.co/s8Rr3I0Kf5
    ca. 2 timer siden

  • @qDot BBSes, but I wanna day Sierra Online because I loved Space Quest.
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • @Thumperbun I bet it ran Telegram great!! 😊
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • I can’t wait to stop using a laundromat again! I’ve done six loads of wash so far with one more to go. Since it’s a… https://t.co/9kO97bp4In
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • @ThePurpleStore Every day is a good day for purple!!
    ca. 11 timer siden

  • @tilton_raccoon Yeah, okay. That's kinda what I figured. If I'm gonna go through the hassle of getting a new ID and… https://t.co/CE7SeLj8ad
    ca. 14 timer siden

  • @rootsworks I mean, it’s not really possible to do work of any sort on the Internet without encountering furries. We run everything.
    ca. 15 timer siden

  • @Yappyfox Oh yeah! The 1980s version of the Nintendo Switch!
    ca. 16 timer siden

  • @tilton_raccoon Hummm okay! I was looking at how to get a WA drivers license yesterday and saw the option to get on… https://t.co/6vR4fLxMBU
    ca. 16 timer siden

  • @tilton_raccoon Do you ever go to Canada?
    23. February 2020 - 07:49

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