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Coty Rosenblath (Coty)

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Director of Engineering at @Mailchimp. Not @COTYInc. He/him/his

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  • Coty Rosenblath oprettede sig på Twitter d. 17. July 2006
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Seneste Tweets fra Coty

  • @mattlemay @joanlemay Not going to lie—I'm pretty jealous. Hoping Zoom or Snap is working on some sort of haircut filter.
    ca. 1 time siden

  • @SA1NTCAKE Karenception.
    ca. 1 time siden

  • @antculver I get more upset every time I look at it.
    ca. 1 time siden

  • Y’all want to know how different everything is in this moment? I just found myself thinking, “Well, I’ve never actu…
    ca. 3 timer siden

  • @Skeezle2 Missed that it was the garage refrigerator for a second and was a little concerned. All good now. Glad you’re hanging in there.
    ca. 3 timer siden

  • @ThugDebugger I was wrong. Now it all makes sense. 5G-controlled, weaponized bats. Of course.
    ca. 5 timer siden

  • @mleaustin I’m probably going to hurt myself today because of this.
    ca. 10 timer siden

  • @SQLSuperVillain Y’all are so cute.
    ca. 23 timer siden

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