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Product @Google. Previously made @Snapguide @YahooPipes & cooked @PerseNY. In ❤️ w/ @Sarap

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  • @nterminus That’s awesome! Here in SF? Technically, I’m not the beekeeper my wife @SaraP is. She’s ~10 years in.
    ca. 11 timer siden

  • @smattyang It’s often the sign of a healthy hive. We gave them to a local beekeeper who will start a new hive with… https://t.co/xGemH0mYyy
    ca. 11 timer siden

  • Dan called Paul from the SF beekeepers association. It was his first time catching a swarm and he was playing it sa… https://t.co/rv5WBgbFLy
    ca. 14 timer siden

  • Some of our 🐝 decided to swarm today. Must’ve gotten sick of sheltering in place. That was an unexpected event this… https://t.co/GpCzO12pvz
    ca. 14 timer siden

  • @waxpancake I especially love the part towards the end where @lhl says THAT’S the nerd section. Read last night, thanks for sharing!
    ca. 21 timer siden

  • @om @tomcoates Just use Tweetbot (while you still can)
    ca. 21 timer siden

  • Nice work disclosing @patrickwardle I’ve been meaning to delete Zoom but now I’ve done it https://t.co/07Ise7gwSy
    ca. 21 timer siden

  • @gregcohn I’ve never seen devastation like this play out in real-time in all of our backyards.
    01. April 2020 - 07:41

  • @gregcohn It’s interesting how much more misinformation appears to bubble up in tweets in that search term.
    01. April 2020 - 07:36

  • Searching “laid off” on twitter right now is pretty intense. Lotta people hurting. https://t.co/GQ5JqBsW86
    01. April 2020 - 07:16

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