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DANISH™ is an online platform promoting Danish design & architecture. We also arrange events and press tours in Denmark.


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  • It is with equal amount of sorrow and vexation that we have to announce the closure of DANISHTM. Thank you so much… https://t.co/PmPtP9Vibt
    01. July 2019 - 11:43

  • Perfection in pictures doesn’t come easy and usually it takes several hours just to plan a photo session. Read more… https://t.co/SDToyNc6SJ
    27. June 2019 - 08:57

  • Brass, glass and magnets. That’s the main components of Anour’s latest creation, the Donya https://t.co/7h9o8Y5q4Q… https://t.co/dDfv3KfUqv
    21. June 2019 - 11:13

  • In need of a Japanese-Nordic design utopia experience? Search no more, https://t.co/Hky8X40PLU #danishtm… https://t.co/WlnXGgUlmA
    14. June 2019 - 10:08

  • Artist and craftsman Heidi Zilmer is encouraging young adult to find way in life and take on a craftsman skill. Rea… https://t.co/Fo7ZCcZSsK
    07. June 2019 - 07:49

  • “Senseable” cities is the next big thing in architecture, which you can learn much more about in our latest article, https://t.co/4BP2Ku80US
    05. June 2019 - 09:55

  • The Danish design company @vipp has launched its first textile collection, adding pillows, rugs and blankets to its… https://t.co/9nXLtMPDwH
    04. June 2019 - 13:30

  • “An experience that resembles going to the theater”, this is how Danish designer Ulrik Nordentoft describes going t… https://t.co/dI9v1SRFWx
    31. May 2019 - 12:06

  • With a design philosophy that is pragmatic honest and hands on, Danish designer Ulrik Nordentoft has been creating… https://t.co/doPLEWPiIe
    29. May 2019 - 13:30

  • The Danish furniture company Brunnmunch will soon expand to the German market and deliver them that feeling that is… https://t.co/KsdGiIZrzF
    28. May 2019 - 13:45

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