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20. pigeon hate account.

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  • even when I'm 40 with gray hair and wrinkles my mom will probably still call to tell me who topped CBSE that year
    42 minutter siden

  • please please please have a conversation about boundaries with friends and also with potential significant others p… https://t.co/dT1CbAARs1
    48 minutter siden

  • @reynotvibin I've known so many people honestly that got AMAZING marks in school but it was never enough for their… https://t.co/baLaPf1aRK
    50 minutter siden

  • @ThisisLLN same. college exams aren't half as stressful as boards honestly imo
    ca. 5 timer siden

  • @ThisisLLN I had jaundice when I got my 10th results so I didn't have the energy to even process it vvv fun times
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • CBSE 🤝🏻 DU site crash
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • i remember crying so much when I got my results despite it being a decent score and I hate the amount of pressure i… https://t.co/1W1yTZHMCz
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • please stop replying to fleets with emojis this isn't instagram
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • @keliflowerice so cute 😳❤️
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • @omnivwhore this guy I know threw a whole ass pool party with 15-20 people a couple of weeks ago (((((:
    ca. 19 timer siden

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