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  • I’m very envious of people who have room for one of these.
    35 minutter siden

  • If I can’t leave the house, how come it feels like I don’t have any time?
    ca. 1 time siden

  • You may also need to have this difficult conversation with your Boomer parents. This isn’t a 2-3 week thing, it’s going to be much longer.
    ca. 5 timer siden

  • Until a little while ago, when I texted her, my mother was under the impression that she could go out again like normal on 4/8.
    ca. 5 timer siden

  • Whenever I walk by parklets with people sitting there eating their take out, it makes me anxious. Take your food home to eat, people.
    ca. 6 timer siden

  • Example, I wore outside clothes over a pair of running shorts & an undershirt to go to Walgreens today. My idea was…
    ca. 9 timer siden

  • We have 15 minutes of daily, domestic drama, where it’s “the goal is to be practical, and to reduce, but not comple…
    ca. 9 timer siden

  • Here are people not social distancing while in line at BevMo
    28. March 2020 - 01:46

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