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Jason Goldman (goldman)

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I like the work about the work. Places practiced include: Blogger, Google, Twitter, Obvious, Medium, the Obama White House, San Francisco and New York. (he/him)


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  • @matasar @hoverbird I have never owned a sega system. I have loyalty
    12 minutter siden

  • @hoverbird @matasar Wow so I vaguely remember Milo. But that Seaman shit is a real nightmare. What in the hell is t… https://t.co/hI7Bd8LGl4
    16 minutter siden

  • @hoverbird @matasar Honestly if you told me the next Nintendo platform was going to be inspired by Voight-Kampff te… https://t.co/CkZeIWpXte
    42 minutter siden

  • @eparillon His favorite game is hitting the Home button repeatedly to swap between the game and the system menus. He’s pretty good at it.
    53 minutter siden

  • @matasar Nintendo is a wild one because they’ll just gamble it all on some notional nonsense. But I guess it mostly works out
    56 minutter siden

  • The next generation https://t.co/ixfdGoe1ac
    59 minutter siden

  • @seldo I’m on the Geffen yacht; the som wants to know what vintage you are.
    ca. 15 timer siden

  • @mgarunay Wait so is DC the winner finally?
    ca. 16 timer siden

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