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Konstantin (kig) (kig)

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4xCTO, open saucer as @kigster, ruby, c/c++, BASH, piano improv, composer (as @polygroovers), house DJ (as @leftctrl on soundcloud), ENTP turned ESTP.


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  • @bantamtools @adafruit Yes please! Who do I send the info to?
    31. March 2020 - 01:29

  • ATTENTION: this is a public service annpuncement. If you must ship something to your house, DO MOT UNDER ANY CIRCUM… https://t.co/ThiT4EcjVL
    31. March 2020 - 01:28

  • I tried redirecting it to a local FeDEX facility, but still nothing happened. I spoke to your agents twice, and bot… https://t.co/y3VQiqT4QX
    31. March 2020 - 01:25

  • @FedExHelp I don’t usually rant about business because s$1t happens. But this is outrageous. You are holding my pro… https://t.co/MibzWjgbNM
    31. March 2020 - 01:22

  • If you notice any UI weirdness please let me know. I am using Jekyll with AsciiDoc format to author all pages, and… https://t.co/6cLJdH7gG8
    30. March 2020 - 07:14

  • I wanted to thank Zach Gray of https://t.co/lCEcYdogSf, as well as a few other folks there for helping me with buil… https://t.co/XAjwhHnb5A
    30. March 2020 - 07:13

  • Dear friends! Today I deployed a complete redesign of my blog, https://t.co/xoh9dVy4Ix with a post I collaborated on with Flare on Bazel!
    30. March 2020 - 07:11

  • @therallycat That includes you.
    20. March 2020 - 02:03

  • @SamHarrisOrg I’m baffled by the outpouring of pro-Trump tweets in response to this innocuous and axiomatic stateme… https://t.co/29mEzrhmy3
    20. March 2020 - 02:01

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