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Now the Seattle Freeze doesn’t feel so personal

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  • @landongn The machine learning needs to focus on my missing game console and then ai needs to figure out the logist…
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @landongn We need ML and AI stat
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @landongn Right? AGREE TO AGREE
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @landongn I’ve been watching a lot of forensic files and Bones and I think we can foil them
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @landongn Ok how do you get the roster of the Disgruntled Delivery Driver schedules
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @landongn Dammit that was supposed to be FTW but autocorrect decided to cancel that expression
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @landongn South Lake Union, Seattle, CrimeTown (camel case fate)
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @landongn I live in a building where the packages get put in a locker or a room, and I’ve never had anything stolen…
    ca. 19 timer siden

  • @landongn I did get my 128 expansion card...
    ca. 19 timer siden

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