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BD & strategy @getVGS. Previously led @Visa Ventures. Payments & stats nerd, entrepreneur, @Stanford alum. Happy to help startups any way I can.

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  • @elizabeth Hmm. That’s disappointing. Has it gotten worse over time?
    ca. 8 timer siden

  • @elizabeth In case you haven’t yet seen this review. We have the Miele and it’s brilliant (though not upright)
    ca. 9 timer siden

  • Right about now it would be really nice to have Apple’s Touch ID again vs mask-incompatible Face ID.
    ca. 9 timer siden

  • @tmildenhall @scottew So cheesy.
    ca. 9 timer siden

  • @scottew That tweet hasn’t aged well.
    ca. 10 timer siden

  • @mengxilu Yes, it's a delightful diversion to see what an abject failure our current administration is that banks n…
    ca. 17 timer siden

  • @chrismessina @wongmjane Has anyone resolved this successfully yet? It's still annoying the heck out of me. Any suggested fixes?
    ca. 17 timer siden

  • @arampell Narrative violation! (am I using it right? ;-)
    ca. 21 timer siden

  • @DoNotPayLaw The absolute worst are the emails from no-reply accounts (looking at you, @ATT ) with no way to disavo…
    04. April 2020 - 01:39

  • @DoNotPayLaw Thank you. Unfortunately, data privacy & security holes aren't likely to change until companies in fla…
    04. April 2020 - 01:35

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