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  • "Every fintech company is just a disguised strategic growth hack where the real goal is to become a bank. Robinho…
    ca. 1 time siden

  • "The older the problem, the older the solution. How to eat well is one of the oldest problems." - @naval
    ca. 5 timer siden

  • Fascinating read!
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • Find other interesting threads here 👇👇
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • @web Keep sharing your ideas Web! 🙏 They are enormously valuable and people around the world are benefiting from it.
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • 17/ Working from home is a skill that translates well for entrepreneurship. It requires a comfort with isolation,…
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • 16/ The unit economics of newsletters is fascinating.  An infrastructure-lite, highly profitable, seven figure AR…
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • 15/ I think that the key to building something notable is enjoying the process even if you don't love the process.
    ca. 7 timer siden

  • 14/ Thinking about the evolution of product iteration. 1990’s: "I have a great idea." 2000’s: "I have a great…
    ca. 7 timer siden

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