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  • @__breeno Yeah ⌘S It’s really ⌘S difficult to prevent ⌘S muscle memory from ⌘S really fucking ⌘S you over when writing radars.
    ca. 1 time siden

  • * you should probably still get a lawyer to look it over. But it’s a crazy time right now and it’s a lot simpler to…
    ca. 1 time siden

  • I made my will yesterday. It’ll make life so much easier for my loved ones when I pop my clogs. If your situation…
    ca. 1 time siden

  • @MisterKellyanne @atrupar You’re certainly a sad little troll
    ca. 1 time siden

  • @MisterKellyanne @atrupar Trollbots have cousins? 🤖 Shut up #trollbot
    ca. 1 time siden

  • @nrd Looks burnt. Mail it to me and I’ll dispose of it properly
    ca. 10 timer siden

  • @daveaddey @ManMadeMoon @gruber Should I expect a new hair-do in our next weekly meeting?
    ca. 10 timer siden

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